The most stable platform

Clients that move to our environment may expect increased service levels, fit-for-purpose disaster recovery, and an attractive commercial proposition because of our tier 3 data centers and the knowledge of our team.

Sixty-six percent of respondents claimed that aging technology has an influence on reliability, and it is becoming more expensive to maintain older infrastructure (will the new year bring a new maintenance bill?). Moving legacy AIX, HP-Ux and Solaris workloads to contemporary platforms can increase dependability, service levels, and DR for current business needs, as well as typically for a more attractive commercial stance.

As the survey results show, Solaris users are particularly alarmed by the reliability of the operating system, and as a result, they are looking into Linux as a possible migration option, particularly in older environments. Our Power and Lenovo environments are suitable for launching a migration project assisted by our technical staff.

For this reason, consolidating Oracle databases on IBM Power and System Z can save customers considerable sums of money on Oracle licensing compared to running the same workloads on an x86 platform.

Contact us if your current Unix infrastructure is causing you sleepless nights because of its reliability, expense, or suitability for your current company demands.

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