Own firewall security rules

There are a lot of similarities between host-based firewalls and network firewalls. These rule sets are used by certain desktop and laptop hosts as well, however the majority allow or restrict activity based on lists of programs. A user’s response to a prompt asking for a decision about an activity determines whether it is granted or refused access to any applications not on the lists. By default, companies should configure their host-based firewalls to block inbound traffic.

To truly protect your sensitive data, both compliance and security are crucial. Relying solely on being compliant does not mean your data is secure. A dynamic security plan should be built from the ground up and be based on your company’s needs. Establishing a comprehensive and continual security strategy now will make save money in the long term, protect your data, and make future compliance audits less arduous. Cloud Infinite compliant hosting is SOC 2 certified, PCI Compliant, and HIPAA audited, to ensure security of your critical data and records.

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