Latest speed technologies

with Cloud Infinite we have the latest speed technology is employed in the form of the LiteSpeed Web Server (Lightning Fast). Since 2005, LiteSpeed technologies has been the premier high-performance and high-scalability web server on the market.

Each of the three editions of the LiteSpeed web server is available, as follows: (1) OpenLiteSpeed edition (2) Standard edition (3) Enterprise edition.

When it comes to sheer speed as well as scalability, LiteSpeed Web Server is the best choice.

Mod rewrite,.htaccess, and mod security are all supported by the LSWS(Lite Speed Web Server), making it a good choice for web hosting. When using LSWS, you can load Apache configuration files directly into the server and use it as a drop-in replacement for Apache while still fully integrating with popular control panels. All Apache functions are replaced by LSWS, however requests are handled in an event-driven fashion.

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